Retaking of the Cow Test

Arden-Buzz Ware Village Center, 2119 The Hwy, Wilimington, DE

Have we traded the Cosmic Cow for a Bag of Beans? What kind of deal is that? We are just going to have to gather some interesting folks in the woods of Arden for a TEST whose goal is the Retaking of The Cow. Cow Aesthetics isn't a stretch for the yoga minded.

This is the first TEST of the Diamond State Merry Pranksters, launched on January 1st of 2018. It will be the event culminating months of community work and efforts performed by DSMP, the Delaware group that is continuing the efforts pioneered by Ken Kesey and friends. This will be a gathering of beat poetry, spoken word, jazz, and psychedelic music, and incredible visual arts. Over 21 only, no alcohol sales present, BYOB for 21 and over only. Some food will be complimentary.

Announced Thus Far.. Not In Order (tho something like this)

Featuring Visual Artist Jim Tuite with lights and video

Robin and Kenny Peace Project (spoken word/ world beat)

James D. Booth (acoustic guitar)

Karen Mangold's Chance Words (spoken word/ jazz)

Indrojitt Roy-Chowdury (Sitar / Indian)

Urban Shaman Attack (psychedelic jazz)

Bonnie Kane w/ Big Plastic Finger (psychedelic jazz)

Elliot Levin Group (spoken word/ jazz)

Paul Wozniki (experimental/jazz)

Jinx of Diamonds (special guests)