No description of the Philly jazz scene exists that does not include something along the lines of "And Elliott Levin has been known to sit in, buggin' out with his sax and flute..." Eugene Chadbourne - Allmusic


Burning Ambulance remembers Cecil Taylor's ensemble, including Elliott, in Berlin, 1996.

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Levin / Hotep / Masri / Todd

NJWeedman's Joint, 322 E State Street, Trenton

Elliott Levin will be laying down two sets of improvisational music at The NJ Weedman's Joint on Saturday, November 27. He'll be joined by other artists, like guitarist DM Hotep from Sun Ra Arkestra, international drummer Julius Masri, and keyboardist Dwayne Todd from Urban Shaman Attack. These sets will be a one-of-a-kind experience.

The NJ Weedman's Joint is thee place for eighths, ounces, and chicken wings... and great live music. See you there!

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