Brotherly Love In Philadelphia

Jair-Rohm Parker Wells Trio

Elliot Levin, tenor saxophone, voice
Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, bass
Eric Slick, drums
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Live Upstairs at Nick's

New Ghost

Philadelphia free jazz scene band led by Elliot Levin.

Individually, and in various combinations, they have conspired with many of the more interesting (if not innovative) musical ensembles based out of Philadelphia for the past 30 years or so...Three of the four members of the Quartet are related by blood, while certainly all four members are tied even more so by TIME, SPACE, PSYCHE, and CIRCUMSTANCE... all of which have come together over a number of years to bring about the sounds and words captured here as such form a characteristic show that occurred in Philadelphia..."Upstairs at Nick's".

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Apology To The Atonists & Tritone Suite


A contemporary ensemble, but one with a righteous feel that takes us right back to the best years of 70s Spiritual Jazz -- A Freely creative combo who mix bits of guitar and electronics with warmer sounds on flutes saxes and percussion! There's a bit of vocal recitation on the set, but the main focus is instrumental -- And in a way, the group's approach almost mixes an earlier AACM spirit with downtown experimentalism -- But always in a blend that leans towards the soulfulness of the former.

Elliott Levin - Poetry, Flutes, Saxes

Rick Iannacone - Guitars, Electronics

Keno Speller - Flute, Vocals, Percussion

Ron Howerton - Cuica, Percussion

Ed Watkins - Percussion

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