No description of the Philly jazz scene exists that does not include something along the lines of "And Elliott Levin has been known to sit in, buggin' out with his sax and flute..." Eugene Chadbourne - Allmusic


Burning Ambulance remembers Cecil Taylor's ensemble, including Elliott, in Berlin, 1996.

Previous events

LIFE STORIES is an hour-long performance of new music, energized improvisation, acoustic-electronic melding, spoken-word counterpoints and delectable visions.

THE LINEUP ★ Featuring EK Duo: ★ Rachael Elliott (bassoon, electronics) & ★ Thomas Kozumplik (vibes, percussion)

With guest artists: ★ Elliott Levin (saxophone, flute, spoken word) ★ Tom Burnett (keyboards, electronics, spoken word) ★ Range Enaself (spoken word) & ★ Catherine Rutgers (projected artwork)

THE PROMO CLIP ★ Music: EK Duo performing “Get It!” by Gene Koshinski for bassoon and percussion & “Yin Yang” performed by Thomas Kozumplik, Elliott Levin and Tom Burnett; Video editor: Tom Burnett; Art: Catherine Rutgers


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