Vernacular 12 is devoted to legends, heroes, trailblazers, innovators… all these terms readily apply to the front line of this amazing quintet led by woodwind dynamo and poet Elliot Levin, who arrives from Philadelphia just long enough to make a few west coast appearances.

Suggested Donation: $10 - 15


Levin’s career encompasses playing with practically every experimental and jazz musician in Philly, as well as study and stints with Cecil Taylor (Phthongas, Unit Core Ensemble, and the album Live in Berlin. He has also published several books of verse, and his poetry explores the music of language, and the language of music.

That alone is reason enough to come out to Oracle, but joining Elliot on this night is a jaw-droppingly incredible band featuring two major contributors to modern music, not only in Los Angeles, but in the world:

Bobby Bradford, cornet: From his early days with Ornette Coleman, through his collaborations with John Carter, his own Mo’tet group, and countless collaborations with an incredible list of creative musicians, Bobby has been at the forefront of LA music since the 50s.

Don Preston, keyboards: Don had already made a name for himself in Detroit, playing with the city’s finest before he joined Zappa’s Mothers in the mid 60s. He has never stopped exploring and growing as a cutting-edge jazz pianist, synthesist, and composer. It’s truly an honor to welcome Don to the series.

Michael Alvidrez, bass: Michael is a young and very talented bassist establishing his voice in various musical styles, including straight and free jazz. You can hear him often on LAs World Stage playing with some of the best new and established players in the city.

Panagiotis Peter Valsamis, drums: Peter is an LA-based drummer/percussionist/composer/sound designer whose drumming incorporates and synthesizes a variety of musical styles. He has worked previously with both Elliot and Don Preston, and shares with Elliot an affiliation with Cecil Taylor.