LIFE STORIES is an hour-long performance of new music, energized improvisation, acoustic-electronic melding, spoken-word counterpoints and delectable visions.

THE LINEUP ★ Featuring EK Duo: ★ Rachael Elliott (bassoon, electronics) & ★ Thomas Kozumplik (vibes, percussion)

With guest artists: ★ Elliott Levin (saxophone, flute, spoken word) ★ Tom Burnett (keyboards, electronics, spoken word) ★ Range Enaself (spoken word) & ★ Catherine Rutgers (projected artwork)

THE PROMO CLIP ★ Music: EK Duo performing “Get It!” by Gene Koshinski for bassoon and percussion & “Yin Yang” performed by Thomas Kozumplik, Elliott Levin and Tom Burnett; Video editor: Tom Burnett; Art: Catherine Rutgers